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     RefocusAfrika City
     During your 20 Year Term You are a LESSEE and these are the TERMS &
You may sell your leased residence
at any time after your first 5 years of ownership requirement has been met. That sale must be no less than what you paid and must include a 20% fee above your asking price (no matter what the asking price) to be paid to reFocus Afrika outside of the $5,000 Document Administrative Fees.
You may use the residence
as an investment property rental for no more than 9 months of every calendar year. You are required to reside (self, family members, or friends) at least 3 months of every 12 month calendar period. Property rental must be managed by reFocus Afrika Management Company and the fees for management are 10% of monthly rental amount. Fees for service include property interior/exterior weekly cleaning and maintenance.
        Annual Association Fees
to ReFocus Afrika are paid separately and apart annually at a fixed rate of $1,200 USD for years 1-5, $1,500 USD for years 6-10, $1,800 USD for years 11-15 and $2,100 USD for years 16-20.

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